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  • What are the different sizes of Momos that you offer ?

Our Momos are produced in three sizes: the standard size weighs 20 grams each, the medium size is 25 grams per piece, and the large size is 31.25 grams per Momo.

  • How many pieces does one pack contain and how much does it weigh?

Each of our 500-gram Momo packs comes with a choice of quantity and size: you can opt for 25 pieces of 20-gram Momos, 20 pieces of 25-gram Momos or 16 pieces of 31.25-gram Momos.

  • Do you add preservatives ?

No added preservatives.

  • How do you attain a shelf life of 9 Months without adding preservatives ?

Our products undergo blast freezing to rapidly freeze the momos. This quick freezing process helps preserve their texture and flavour while minimising the formation of large ice crystals, extending the shelf life to 9 months.

  • Can we store it in the refrigerator ?

No, please always store the Momos at -18°C

  • How do you pack the Momos ?

Packing for frozen truck : We use freezer safe LD Covers with 80 Micron for primary packaging, secondary packaging is done in 5 ply carton boxes.


Packing for ambient vehicle : We use freezer safe LD Covers with 80 Micron for primary packaging, secondary packaging is done in 5 ply carton boxes insulated with Thermal foam sheets and stock with dry ice to retain temperature during transit.

  • What are the different packaging offered?

For frozen truck packaging: Primary packaging involves freezer-safe LD covers of 80 Micron thickness. Secondary packaging uses 5-ply carton boxes. Each box, weighing 10 kgs, contains 20 packets, with each packet weighing 500 grams.

For ambient vehicle packaging: The primary packaging is similar, using freezer-safe LD covers of 80 Micron. However, for secondary packaging, 5-ply carton boxes are insulated with thermal foam sheets and an additional LD cover. These boxes are also stuffed with dry ice to maintain temperature during transit.

  • Do the Momos need to be thawed?

No need to thaw the Momos, cook straight from the freezer.

  • What cities do we supply to?

We have a PAN INDIA presence.

  • How are Momos sent to other states from Bangalore?

Orders above 500 kg are dispatched through refrigerated trucks and those    below 500 kg orders are packed with adequate dry ice to maintain the frozen temperature until it reaches the customer.

  • How long can Momos be kept outside the freezer?

Momo can be kept outside at room temperature for a maximum of 2 hrs.

  • Where is the manufacturing unit situated ?

Manufacturing unit is situated in Electronic City , Bangalore, Karnataka.

  • Can we deep fry all the variants of Momos?

Yes, you can deep fry all varieties except Pizza Momos.

  • How long does the product need to be steamed?

After steam starts , generally it takes between 5 - 6 mins.

  • Which momo steamer is to be used?

Stainless Steel Momo steamer or Aluminium Momo steamer can be used that are usually available on amazon/flipkart

  • Can the chutney be stored in the refrigerator?

No, chutney also should also be stored at -18°C (frozen temperature)

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