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Introducing our Bao Shell – a versatile canvas designed for food artistry. This delicately crafted bao shell epitomizes lightness and fluffiness, providing the perfect foundation for an array of delightful fillings and flavors. Its pillowy yet sturdy design complements both savory and sweet fillings, allowing vibrant ingredients to shine. With a neutral taste, our Bao Shell becomes a perfect vessel for culinary exploration. Whether filled with juicy, luscious meat, fresh vegetables, or sweet delights, it adds sophistication to every bite. Uplift your creations and redefine your culinary offerings with the exquisite simplicity of our Bao Shell. Experience the perfect balance of texture and taste by ordering now. Let your culinary imagination run wild and delight your customers with the light, fluffy perfection our Bao Shell brings to your creations.


  • Fill the steamer vessel with water and heat the water till the boiling temperature

  • Slightly grease the perforated steamer vessel with oil/ Butter/ Ghee or use silicon mesh to prevent the Bao shells from sticking to the vessel.

  • Place the frozen Bao shells in the steamer vessels, making sure they are not touching each other.

  • Cover the steamer with the top lid and steam the Bao shells for 8 minutes or until they are fully cooked

 Note : Always ensure that the baos are thoroughly heated to core before serving.

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