Chicken Momos

These juicy and flavoursome momos filled with tender chicken and spices will leave you salivating & wanting for more. The juicy chicken is indeed the hero of the dish. Enjoy them with fiery schezwan chutney which enhances the taste of these juicy, steamed momos.


Get ready for Guiness record!

Mix Veg Momos

Evergreen hit!


Imagine eating a plate full of hot steaming momos on a cold, winter evening, For a vegetarian looking for a big flavours in one bite this one's got it all.



Corn Momos

Sweet corn truly deserves 'golden' globe award for its universal appeal. The american sweet corn blends beautifully with the sharpness of the spring onions and other herbs making it a perfect snack to 

get 'Corn'ered!

Paneer Momos

No dish can ever go wrong if it has the trusty paneer in it.

Fresh crushed paneer loaded into little parcels is certainly a delight to ones tastebuds.  Next time you have a paneer craving, try these momos out!



Chocolate Momos

If you have a doubt about chocolate momos we are sure you will change your mind once tasted. This sweet savoury is a pleasant surprise for those having a sweet tooth.


We bet chocolate momos is going to go places in dessert sections of buffets, birthday parties, thali's and also in every ones fridge for midnight craving!

Mutton Momos

Keema has always been a non-vegetarian's delight and these keema filled momos are the best way to treat yourself.


Marinated minced meat with flavourful spices will take your taste buds to all new level.

Prawn Momos

A wave of wonderful seafood delicacy stuffed into small pockets will get one closer to their favourite beach destination. 


Happy Momo surfing!

Chiken Hariyali Momos

The secret lies in the marinade- chicken rubbed with a paste made from crushed coriander and mint. 


Its a roller-coaster ride of interesting flavours coimg together.

Chicken Tikka Momos

How can you be in India & not get a tikka twist? Tikka momos are a perfect treat for your desi taste bud. This fusion experiment is very famous amongst momo lovers.

Schezwan Chutney

King of sauces.


The hotness of red chilly and sweetness of ketchup and unique strong flavour of celery makes it Perfect dip for pipping hot steamed momos. Period. 




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